The machines is set up by a base in electrowelded sheet metal of 6 mm. positioned and fixed on a tubular bench of 40X40X3 mm. On the base we find the chromium-plated and rectified plates for the loading and shift of the lamination to be worked.

Weight: 500 Kg.
Width mm. 400
Length mm. 1400
Height mm. 1250 apx.

Power supply: 220 Volt


The machines can work with the EI momphase lamination from Col. 70(EI 210) to Col. 100(EI 300) – The UI monophase 50(UI 250) and 60(UI 300) and the EI threephase Col. 40/50/60(EI 200-250-300) poth thickness 0,5 and 0,35 mm. The machines is provided by automatic extraction when the pack is finished.
Speed of packaging goes from 0 to 120 laminations/minute.
For exemple: pack of mm.60 in 2 minutes.

Note: in option is available a model with the same features of the IMP – T – FX that allowing to work the threephase EI 350 and the EI 400