A bench in electrowelded sheet metal of mm. 6 sets un pthe machines. On the bench two different equipment are leaned, and alternetely, one works with laminations from Col.
10(EI 30) to Col. 20(EI 60) and the other works with laminations from Col. 20(EI 60) to Col. 42(EI126).
You can have this machines also with one only equipment (10/20 o 20/42).

Weight: 120 Kg.
Width mm. 500
Length mm. 900
Height mm. 1200 apx.

Power supply: 220 Volt


The machines can work with the EI singlephase latten from Col 10 (EI30) to Col. 42 (EI126), both thickness 0,5 and 0,35 mm.
Speed of packaging goes from 0 to 250 lamination/minute.
For exemple: pack of mm.60 in 26 sec. with lamination 0.5mm., and 32 sec. with lamination 0,35mm.