The machines is set up by a bench in electrowelded iron plate of 6 mm. and by fixed head, which is interchangeable, positioned and blocked by the constructor.

Weight: 220 Kg.
Width mm. 400
Length mm. 1100
Height mm. 1200 apx.

Power supply: 220 Volt


The macchine can work with the EI monophase and threephase lamination from Col. 40 (EI 120) to Col. 64 (EI 192) both thickness 0,5 and 0,35 mm.
Speed of packing goes from 0 to 200 laminations/minute.
For exemple: pack of mm.60 in 35 sec. with lamination 0.5 mm.; and 47 sec. with lamination 0,35 mm.