The S.T.I.M.P. is a machine for welding of “E” and “I” lamination packs of the transformers.
Depending on the adjustments and on the installed accessories it is possible to work laminations packs of different dimensions and height. The machine has been constructed in order to make the size exchange operations in a very
simple and quick way; two big “E” and “I” lamination containers permit to reduce the machine supplying times.
The coils charge is made manually by the operator; the discharge of the finished product is made by a side conveyor.
The machine is provided of two plasma welding machines and is constructed in compliance with the standard CE regulations.


Weight 650 Kg.
width mm 2100
length mm 1600
height mm 1940 (laminations container excluded)

Power supply: 400V, threephase


The machine is able to work the laminations from EI 30 to EI 60, with thickness 0,35 and 0,5 mm.
Cicle time: approx. 8 Sec.