The S.T.I.M.P. is a machine for welding “E-I” lamination packs and the fix of the support transformers.
The machine can produce one or more laminations perimeter dimension in its various pack heights, depending on how many equipements you would outfit it.
The format change is simple and very quick (about 10 minutes); you substitute the two vices that contain the lamination and adjuste, easily, the welding torches and strokes.
The machine, thanks to the double load (that means two vices that contain the transformer to weld) keeps on working while the operator discharges the finished piece and inserts, manually, the piece to work on.
It welds the support or clamps of the transformers.
The charge and the discharge are carried manually, but it is possible to have prepared packs of “E” and “I” buyng, apart, the sorting machine.
The machine is comprensive of two welding machines “TIG” and is certified in compliance with CE standard.


Weight 500 Kg.
Width mm. 1200
Length mm. 1200
Height mm. 1300

Power supply: 220V


Dimension of lamination that can be assembled: from C. 25 (EI 75) to C. 40 (EI 120),thickness 0,35 and 0,5 mm.
Cycle time for Transformer “E + I”:
Pack 20 mm 8 sec.
Pack 80 mm 14 sec.
Cycle time for Transformer “E + I + supports”:
Pack 20 mm 16 sec.
Pack 80 mm 30 sec.