The mod. S.E.M.A.P. is a semi-automatic device for the spalling and the insertion of laminations “E” packs into the envelopped bobbin.
You may shift manually the bobbins holder carriage while the spalling and the laminations insertion is done automatically.
Only in the model S.E.M.A.P. 150-180 and 192 everything is done automatically.
Each device can work all the different bobbin’s heights, but one lamination measure.
The device is certified in compliance with CE standards.


S.E.M.A.P. 60, S.E.M.A.P. 120 86 kg.
S.E.M.A.P. 150, S.E.M.A.P. 192 120 kg.
S.E.M.A.P. 60, S.E.M.A.P. 120:
Width mm. 210
Length mm. 700
Height mm. 1400
S.E.M.A.P. 150, S.E.M.A.P. 192:
Width mm. 350
Length mm. 1500
Height mm. 1400

Power supply: 220V


Cycle time:
S.E.M.A.P. 60, S.E.M.A.P. 120:
5 sec.
S.E.M.A.P. 150, S.E.M.A.P. 192:
8 sec.