Evolving from 1979

INDUSTRIA MECCANICA PREVIDI S.r.l. since 1979 designs e produces equipments and machines for the insertion of the magnetic lamination in the coil.
Over the years we have gained a leading position in the Italian and global market.

In a continuing program of growth and improvement we are able to meet the demands of our customers. also customized.

Staying in close contact with the customer we can offer, in addition to the Primary production of Packing machines and Welding machines, a complete range of products related to the transformers.



  • AUTOMATIC STACKER MACHINE – select and insert package of lamination in to the coil
  • SEAMER TOOL – press the lamination in packages
  • SPALLING – select various shapes and sizes of lamination
  • WELDING MACHINE – select, insert and weld in automatic the lamination into the coil with “TIG” process
  • TESTING MACHINE – executes the test of the coil
  • GLAZING MACHINE – for automatic strip of copper glazed wire
  • PACKING THREEPHASE MACHINE – automatic machine for crossed insertion of magnetic three-phasic lamination in the entire and in two coil
  • PACKING MONOPHASE MACHINE – automatic and manual machine for crossed insertion of magnetic mono-phasic lamination in the coil
  • SPECIAL – machinery  designed and built to demande of the Customer.

for any need our company is able to design and build custom machines